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5 Best Charcuterie Board & Grazing Box Delivery in Toronto

Posted by Sophia Cong on
5 Best Charcuterie Board & Grazing Box Delivery in Toronto

Have you ever thought about getting a delicious and irresistible charcuterie board delivery, directly to your home? Charcuterie boards and grazing boxes are undeniably an excellent option to consider if you’ve been looking for delicious treats or gifts, and we’re pretty fond of them if we may say so ourselves! So, why not treat yourself and your loved ones; the following charcuterie board delivery services in Toronto might be just what you need. Yum!

What Makes a Great Charcuterie Board Delivery Service in Toronto? 

Before we go any further, we should start by quickly taking a look at some of the top things you might want to see from a delicious charcuterie board. 

  • A wide range of different ingredients, so there’s a treat every grazer will love. We don't want to leave anyone “hangry.”
  • Top-quality grazing boxes features premium cheeses and charcuteries, nibbles, and condiments.
  • Let’s face it – when booking a delivery service, you probably don’t want to be waiting around for ages to get your snacks. As such, when choosing a charcuterie board delivery service in Toronto, try to find one that’ll get your delicious treats to your door ASAP – so no one’s left going hungry. 

These are just a few of the things you should look for from top-quality grazing boxes. Luckily, we’re pretty confident that the following five charcuterie board delivery services in Toronto could offer an excellent option. So, if you’re feeling a little peckish and fancy something different, we think they’re well worth a try!

Best Charcuterie Board Delivery Services in Toronto 

So, we’ve considered some of the top features of delicious charcuterie boards – but where can you actually look for the best charcuterie board delivery services in Toronto? Well, we’ve done a bit of digging, and we’re confident the following five options might be just what you’ve always dreamed of.

#1 The Graze Anatomy 

same day delivery charcuterie

When it comes to finding the best grazing boxes and charcuterie board delivery in Toronto, there are plenty of different options you could consider – the Graze Anatomy is undeniably one of the leading teams. Indeed, created by a professional food stylist with exceptional quality and service, they offer cheese charcuterie platters, charcuterie boxes, customized brunch boxes, s'mores boxes, grazing tables and more! Featured on CityLine TV , The Graze Anatomy provides a variety of options for all kinds of celebrations.

toronto charcuterie box

From the hand-crafted edible meat flowers to the hand crafted strawberry chocolate made by local chocolatier. The Graze Anatomy has the perfect arrangement of flavours and colours, every box is truly a wonderful sight. 

Go on: you deserve a little luxury – and you’ll get a whole lot of it with The Graze Anatomy. Find that one truly perfect grazing box for your needs too! Boxes are made-to-order and super easy to carry around, in different size options (Small, Medium, Large). 

Website: www.thegrazeanatomy.com

On google maps

#2 Kace Cateringcharcuterie board delivery Toronto

Kace Catering has a dedicated team that not only caters charcuterie boards, they also have a variety selections of breakfast, lunches, and dinners. One of the biggest selling points of the Kace Catering range has to be their dedication to aesthetics and their wide range of different platters; so, there’s definitely something for everyone. 

Plus, they’re also happy to try and support with customer requests, where possible, so you can count on delicious, personalized solutions that’ll blow you away.

Website: https://www.kacecatering.com/

#3 The Living Platter 

Grazing Boxes.JPG

If you’re looking for plant-based grazing boxes, the Living Platter is your go-to destination. Yes, you read that right. Jess and Liane designed to offer all of the same jaw-dropping beauty you might expect from a "omnivore's" charcuterie box. Their creations are truly amazing and conscious!

Website: https://www.thelivingplatter.com/


#4 Board in the Six

graze box toronto

If you’re looking for a quick grazing platter downtown, Board in the Six might be just the option you need. 

Their charcuterie board options come in several different styles and sizes. They offer luxury platters and lush grazing tables, made with local, gourmet products. They turn any occasion into a gastronomic adventure using the perfect edible centre piece! Sara and Parisa follow their love for food creating spreads that are truly one of a kind! 

Website: https://www.boardinthesix.com/

#5 Floral Bash

Brunch Box Delivery

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, Floral Bash could be the option for you. Their irresistible charcuterie boards and grazing boxes are well worth the wait. Apart of the beautiful charcuterie boxes, they also have the most gorgeous selection of floral for you to choose from! Send heartfelt messages with their premium selection of floral arrangements & gift boxes from the comfort of your own home!

Website: https://www.floralbash.ca/


Final Thoughts on Best Charcaturie Delivery In Toronto

We absolutely love all five charcuterie businesses, and these might be just what you need to enjoy a delicious snack (handily dropped off right at your doorstep). 

It makes ordering a beautiful charcuterie delivery effortlessly, and we hope you’ll find something you  adore when you choose one of today’s top five picks!

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