5 BEST Spots For Brunch Delivery in Toronto

5 BEST Spots For Brunch Delivery in Toronto

There is something special about hosting a brunch. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or just for fun, having friends over for brunch and mimosas is always a fun weekend activity. 

That’s why we are excited to share with you the 5 best places to get brunch delivered to your home! You can have all the glitz and glam of brunch with your friends in the comfort of your own home. Here are our top 5 picks for hosting the best brunch. 

1. The Graze Anatomy

charcuterie board delivery Toronto

Our favorite insta-brunch is The Graze Anatomy which offers a Mini Brunch Charcuterie box. It is an iconic box full of 2 types of cheeses, 2 types of cured meats, Belgian waffles, nuts, fruits, and more! They come in individual boxes so each of your guests get their own brunch box. And it is so easy to order for a brunch delivery! The Graze Anatomy also specializes in brunch picnics. Check out their Picnic Charcuterie Box full of fresh fruit, macarons, cured meats, and a brioche bun. This box could also be accompanied by the Mini charcuterie box which holds 3 types of cheeses, cured meat, fresh honeycomb, artisan crackers and so much more. By far the best way to host your next brunch experience.

Website: The Graze Anatomy



2. Kace Catering

best brunch spots in Toronto with delivery

The Kace Catering company knows how to do a family-style brunch right. Each Brunch box includes Waffles, Croissants, Muffins, Yogurt Parfaits, Smoked salmon & Cured Meats & Vegetables on a Bagel, Cream cheese, Fresh Fruit & Nuts. This is perfect for a virtual get-together gift, or for a casual brunch gathering. 

Website: Kace Catering



3. The Lazy Daisy's Cafe 

charcuterie board same day delivery in Toronto

The Lazy Daisy's Cafe is the prime brunch stop. But if you aren’t looking for hour-long waits consider ordering from their takeout menu and setting it up for brunch at home. You can get a brunch delivery or go pick it up, whatever is easier for you. They have brunch classics like cinnamon bun pancakes and take-home buttermilk biscuits. This cafe is an epic brunch choice! 

Website: Lazy Daisy's Cafe



4. Hello 123

Charcuterie board and gift delivery in Toronto

Let there be brunch! Hello123 forever has been a brunch hotspot in Montreal and Toronto. They are known for their plant-based menu. Much like visiting a Lazy Daisy Cafe, there can be long lines for brunch. Instead, consider ordering out and setting up the spread at home.  

Website: Hello 123



5. Cafe Plenty

Best brunch spots in Toronto

Cafe Plenty is a delivery or pickup-only brunch location. You can order a day in advance in order to assure that your order will be ready by the time you have guests over. They have cinnamon buns, granola bars, apple overnight oats and so much more. Their full menu has an array of brunch and picnic options for you to choose from. 

Website: Cafe Plenty

We know that brunch is big right now, and it can be stressful trying to cook, clean, decorate, and be a good host. That’s why we made this list of brunch delivery spots to help you create the perfect brunch with one less step. Have fun brunching with friends this weekend!

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