5 BEST Catering Companies in Toronto [2023]

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You are looking for the best catering company in Toronto? We took the time to comb through the options and give the top 5 places to get the BEST catering for your next event! Whether you are hosting a wine night, or are looking to cater a work event these companies know how to do it right!

  1. The Graze Anatomy  

    charcuterie board delivery in Toronto

    • Client gifting
    • Team building 
    • Wedding
    • Bridal & baby shower 

    The Graze anatomy has made it to the top of our list time and time again, here is why. They offer a variety of services but they specifically offer a charcuterie board and box delivery service which is perfect if you have a lot on your plate (no pun intended). If you order before 11 am there is a same-day delivery guarantee on most orders. This can come in handy for business meetings or smaller corporate events.  

    charcuterie board near me

    If you are looking to create a healthy team-building activity consider adding a monthly breakfast club catered by The Graze Anatomy, They have spectacular breakfast options like the Mini Brunch Charcuterie Boxes or the beautiful Maple Pecan Butter Tarts. Once the office sees this spread they are sure to come together to create a happy community. But it can only be done by the best charcuterie boards in Toronto. 

    If you are looking to have a more homely catering event The Graze Anatomy has options like a grazing table or a large graze box. This can work for family events like weddings or bridal and baby showers. 

    1. Maro Catering  
    best catering company in Toronto

    This list of the best catering companies in Toronto wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Marco Catering. This company has a flair for small plates and charcuterie boards in Toronto. If you are looking to impress your family or company, then consider spending a little more money on beautifully made hors d’oeuvres and small plates. This catering company defines elegance with its use of color and tastes. 

    1. Serano Bakery 
    Serano Bakery

    Our next best catering company in Toronto has to be Serano Bakery. There is nothing like walking into a meeting with fresh baked goods in the center of the table. They have specialty cakes but the best part of this catering company has to be the European style donuts or Greek specialty items. They are the largest greek bakery in all of Toronto. That aligned with their quality catering services is how Serano bakery made it one of the best catering companies in Toronto. 

    1. Francesca Bakery 

    francesca bakery

    Moving on to Francesca Bakery, which is a Toronto catering company that holds onto some strong Italian roots. Don’t be fooled by the name, this bakery has a famous fish Friday lunch that can be catered at your next Friday event. 

    This Catering company also has a variety of Italian cookies, pastries, and cannolis. If you are looking for a charcuterie board for your next event they have a variety of Italian cured meats, cheeses, and of course bakery items. 

    1. Sandras Italian Kitchen  
    charcuterie board near me

    And finally, we present Sandras Italian Kitchen as one of the best catering companies in Toronto. With more of a grandma's kitchen style, this catering company is sure to win over your friends and family at the next big event. 

    They can cater to anywhere between 10-200 people with an a-la-carte option. This gives you access to their extensive menu including spaghetti in seafood sauce and homemade focaccia bread. The best way to make friends is with homemade focaccia.  


    If you are struggling to find the best catering companies in Toronto this list is sure to give you a few great ideas. Whether you are looking for more of a grazing option with charcuterie boards or an entire Italian spread these 5 catering companies can provide quality service.

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