Top 5 Cheeses to Build the Ultimate Charcuterie Board

cheeses for charcuterie platter

If you are lost looking for cheeses to add to your charcuterie board, then you came to the right place. These 5 cheeses are the best ones to spice up the cheese and cracker tray to make it into a full on charcuterie board. There is a mix of common cheeses and lesser known ones to show off to all your friends or for your next special event. 

1. Brie Cheese 

brie cheese charcuterie platter to deliver

Brie cheese is by far the number one cheese seen on charcuterie boards. It is a soft cheese that has a more pungent flavor then cream cheese. It is often paired with honey comb, roasted garlic, fig jam, or fresh/dried figs. We suggest that while choosing a charcuterie board you choose a board with either honey comb, or figs included. If you are looking for meat pairing, aged prosciutto and Brie pair properly. 

2. Asiago 

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We have all heard of Asiago but do we really know what it is? Asiago is a cheese seen on charcuterie boards to create a crumbly effect. It is aged differently which makes the texture range from crumbly to hard like Parmesan, but it has a nuttier taste. Asiago is also creamier and a tad sweeter than Parmesan. When looking to create the best charcuterie board with Asiago, we recommend to pair it with a sopressata Italian dry salami to get the perfect combinations of flavours. 

3. Grana Padano

grana padano graze box

A lesser known cheese, Grana Padano is similar to Parmesan Reggiano cheese. Usually a harder cheese depending on the aging process, it creates a new standard for charcuterie boards. This cheese has a rich flavour that is nutty by nature. It’s known to have a mild lingering aftertaste that can be enjoyed on its own but will be seen in some pasta dishes. 

Grana Padano is perfect to pair with capocollo (aka Coppa). This is a dried salami using a prime shoulder cut from pork. These two are rare to see in a charcuterie board but a must have for stepping your game up. 

4. Gouda

gouda cheese charcuterie board same day delivery in Toronto

We all love a Gouda pun. But in all seriousness Gouda is a star when it comes to creating the perfect charcuterie board. It can bring colour to the board  with a bright yellow. It’s a cuttable soft cheese often with a red ring of wax as per Netherland customs. Gouda has salt crystals which make it a perfect table cheese, and has more of a rich caramel taste. Some say it has hints of butterscotch. 

Gouda comes in as one of the most popular cheeses world wide. Great pairing with Genoa Salami, another fan favorite in the charcuterie world. 

5. Pecorino 

Pecorino cheese in graze box

Pecorino is in the hard cheese category, it is also seen as pecorino Romano. This cheese is made from sheep's milk and is a tad more salty than other cheeses. Its slightly tangy flavour is mistaken as spicy by some. But its flavour heavily depends on how long it’s been aged. The longer the age the more pungent the taste. Pecorino Romano is usually a star on pasta dishes but can be the highlight of your charcuterie board if paired with Capocollo also known as Coppa. 


If you read this and are still struggling to find the right cheese for your plate.  Check out our selection of charcuterie boxes and boards. Dluxe Charcuterie Board perfectly crafted for your larger events. There is also the Medium Graze Box  perfect for a picnic in the park. Finally, we suggest looking at the Meat Lover Charcuterie Board options if you were more interested in the all the fine cured meats!

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