Introducing The Luxe Grande Ultimate Charcuterie Board: Our largest charcuterie board ever.

Introducing The Luxe Grande Ultimate Charcuterie Board: Our largest charcuterie board ever.

At The Graze Anatomy, we believe that impressions matter at every event.

Introducing our brand new creation — the Luxe Grande Ultimate Charcuterie Board— our largest elevated charcuterie experience in Toronto for your gatherings.

Best Large Charcuterie Board Toronto Ontario

Inspiration: A Taste of the Grazing Table

The Luxe Grande Ultimate Charcuterie Board comes from the high demand for our signature grazing tables that we have created for many of our previous clients. We took the essence of those lavish spreads and created a stunning masterpiece that will impress your guests.

Best Cheese Selection for Cheese Board Toronto Ontario

Cheese Selection: The best from our private events.

After two years of perfecting our charcuterie game, we selected 12 cheeses that have consistently won the hearts of our clients. From the rare Cheval Noir from Quebec to the exquisite Chateau de Bourgogne from France, each cheese has a unique flavour profile that we know your guets will love. Complemented by a diverse range of charcuterie meats, including shaved Calabrese, Triple AAA Angus beef bresaola, and aged prosciutto, the board promises a full charcuterie experience.

Visual Feast: A beautiful, thoughtful design.

We really wanted to design something that was beautiful, and also thoughtful too. Complimentary flavors are close together so that it naturally invites guests to try great combinations that we know they're going to love.

Best selection of charcuterie Toronto Ontario

Diverse Tastes: Catering to Every Palate

We know that with large gatherings there will be a diverse set of taste preferences and palates that you will need to cater to. So we've ensured that The Luxe Grande Ultimate Charcuterie Board caters to all taste profiles by offering a wide range of all around crowd favourites to more sophisticated flavours on the board. Whether you lean towards mild and savory, or have a love more spicy charcuterie, this board offers a tonne of great options for everyone.

At The Graze Anatomy, we've elevated the charcuterie experience to new heights by bringing you Toronto's favourite cheese and charcuterie with The Luxe Grande Ultimate Charcuterie Board.



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