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Top 5 Caterers for Corporate Events

Posted by Sophia Cong on
Toronto charcuterie delivery

Looking to create the ultimate event? Start by choosing a reliable caterer. Food is the center of any great event and is also a major part of the planning process. These days people are starting to get accustomed to being served an individual graze box along with a full-service meal. That’s why we researched the top 5 caterers in Toronto who can help you with getting a graze box for everyone at your event. 

Whether you are in charge of the next corporate event or are looking to impress the in-laws at a family event, you have to check out these caterers in Toronto. 

1. The Graze Anatomy 

charcuterie board toronto delivery

There is no better place to start our list of ultimate Graze box options than The Graze Anatomy. This catering company specializes in graze boxes/platters/events and gifting. Not only do they provide high-quality charcuterie, but this company is known for offering leading customer service. 

That means you can rest assured your grazing box, charcuterie board, or gift will be delivered on-time and with freshness in mind. The Graze Anatomy provides grazing boxes and charcuterie platters for larger events. They also specialize in individual grazing boxes and sweet boxes for corporate gifting.

You can choose to customize your gift box or packages specifically for your corporate colleagues to leave a lasting impression. Or you can create an entire grazing table for your corporate events. 

Either way, you need to have The Graze Anatomy at your next event. 

Website: https://thegrazeanatomy.com/ 

2. Decadent Catering 

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As the name implies, Decadent Catering has a philosophy of being the premier catering company in the Toronto area. Their mission is to provide each client with a unique experience that exceeds any expectations. 

The Decadent Catering company takes pride in its preparation and presentation and can provide catering services ranging from Hors D’oeuvres to complete sit-down meals. They strive to use seasonal and local ingredients that are sustainably sourced from Toronto's greatest purveyors. 

If you are looking for a company that will impress your attendees, this is one to check out.

Website: https://www.decadentcatering.ca/ 

3. Amazing Grazing 

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If you are looking for food more of a home-cooked meal, then Amazing Grazing is the caterer for you. This company has been a pioneer for the modern-day obsession with charcuterie boards. 

They have an old-school feel keeping the history of the charcuterie board thriving while impressing their clients with creative, homey, contemporary packaging in neat boxes. They have been an event catering company for years, and have recently shifted to create smaller, intimate-sized boxes. We love their take on a graze box and highly recommend their services. 

For all of your laid-back events, consider Amazing Grazing for your next event caterer.

Website: https://amazinggrazing.ca/ 

4. Oliver & Bonacini 

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Canoe. L’Auberge du Pomier, Biff’s Bistro. The amazing duo behind all of these 5-star restaurants is Oliver & Bonacini. This direct-to-venue company includes a diverse selection of palate-pleasing reception-style menus. They focus on corporate events but have also catered to a variety of social needs. 

O&B was founded in 1993 with its mission being hospitality-based. Since then the company has expanded to a diverse portfolio of restaurants. 

If your event calls for an exceptional full-scale dining service, consider O&B as your next caterer.

Website: https://www.oliverbonacini.com/catering-services/ 

5. Bellanti Event 

gift box delivery in Toronto

Bellanti Event Catering services made an impact in the community with the Luxury style Grazing Box. They take a themed graze box to the next level, specializing in gifts like birthday bash boxes, date night boxes, and an antipasto platter. 

The owners of Bellanti Events are the Bellanti Gals. The two are extremely helpful along your journey of coordinating your event. They can provide full-service catering or personalized graze boxes for a more intimate experience. 

Check out Bellanti Event if you are looking for a unique gift or a full-service caterer.

Website: https://bellantievents.com/ 


You may want to create an individual graze box for your client or provide a full-service meal. Either way, each of these caterers provides upscale customer service, reliable products, and an immersive experience for your next event. 

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